Rules and Regulations

  1. Belgooly and District Agricultural Show Society is a member of the Irish Shows Association. The ISA expects and will insist upon appropriate behaviour from all exhibitors and others participating in any of the activities at member shows. Full details @
  2. Exhibitors and/or owners of all animals, including pets, are advised to ensure they have their own public liability insurance, in line with ISA Guidelines.
  3. Belgooly Show Society takes no responsibility for any accident or loss.
  4. Competitors must have regard to safety of animals and other competitors and the public in any gathering area, practice arena or pocket area.  Failure to have regard to safety, or disobeying the instructions of Show Officials or Stewards may cause a competitor to be eliminated before their competition begins. Entry fee is forfeited.
  5. The owner or occupier of land or premises shall not cause or permit a dog whose ears have been cropped to be present at an event where dogs are shown, compete or are used in connection with a sporting or cultural activity.  Please note if you own a dog that has their ears cropped, you could be asked to leave an event where there is a Dog Show.
  6. Any handler whose animal is not in his/her control shall be asked to remove said animal from the Arena and/or Showfield by a Judge, Steward, or Belgooly Show Official.
  7. Any exhibitor entering an animal in any event in the Show does so on the understanding that the animal has not been in contact with any infectious or notifiable disease within two months of the Show.
  8. Entries will not be accepted once catalogue is gone to print.
  9. The Society shall not be responsible for any errors or omissions in the entry forms or in the catalogue.
  10. With regard to GDPR, the data given freely to Belgooly Show Society by Exhibitors, Trade Stand Holders and Sponsors is held securely by the Show and is not distributed to, nor accessed by, any third party.
  11. The decision of all judges is final.
  12. Owners of all animal exhibits are advised that any act of discourtesy or disobedience to the Judges, Stewards or Show Officials on the part of the owner, attendant, handler or rider, will disqualify the animal from adjudication, or from taking a prize, and the owner shall forfeit his/her entry fee.
  13. Each exhibitor is responsible for furnishing correct information regarding animals entered in the show.
  14. A person failing to exhibit an entry shall forfeit his/her entry fee.
  15. The Society reserves the right to alter, amalgamate, or cancel any class or competition at any time.
  16. The Society reserves the right to replace or substitute any prize-money by a cup, trophy, voucher, or nomination, or vice-versa.
  17. Any objection to any prize-winner in any class or competition must be lodged in writing with the Belgooly Show Secretary within ONE HOUR of the judging of the event, together with a fee of €100, which will be forfeited in the event of the objection being over-ruled.
  18. In all classes restricted in height, animals may be measured by a Veterinary Surgeon.
  19. SHARP SPURS MUST NOT BE WORN.  Judges may disqualify any competitor who is, in their opinion, using unnecessary severity on a horse.  The judges of jumping competitions may eliminate any horse which is acting in a dangerous manner or highly destructive manner; any such horse may be eliminated at any stage of its rounds.
  20. All Prize-winning animals may be examined by a Veterinary Surgeon.
  21. The Society requires signature for receipt and return of perpetual cups. The person to whom the cup is awarded gives an undertaking that the cup will be returned to Belgooly Show in good condition. No Perpetual trophy can be won out-right.
  22. Perpetual Trophies remain the property of Belgooly Show.
  23. Prizes will be paid in accordance with the rules of the Irish Shows Association.